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Scott Fleming, by:

  • Aunts Carolyn & Jeanne; Bob & Kim
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  • Joseph & Kathleen Botaish
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  • Wolf Swamp Rd School
  • John Wood

Hobie, by:
  • Anon.

Gary S. Vickory Sr., by:
  • in the name of a wonderful human being. FDIC
  • a Family Friend
  • Jessica Harms
  • Highland RE Dev LLC
  • Barbara A. Peatfield
  • Tammy & John Grenier
  • Paul & Ann Butler
  • Marilyn Hennessy
  • Bill & Mary Lennon
  • Wrentham Insurance Agency

A Rescue Success for 4Paws

Here is Jesse, a rescue dog, who is the first animal we were able to help under our expanded mission. He is now neutered and up to date on his shots. In the picture on the left (below), Jesse smiles his thanks!

About Our Effort

The 4Paws Animal Shelter is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit charity, established as a non-profit organization to raise funds and build a no-kill animal shelter for dogs, cats and other small animals to serve the area of Wrentham and Plainville, MA.

4Paws was started by folks from the area who recognized that there was no municipal or private shelter in the area that accepted cats and dogs that may be strays or have been abandoned. Such a facility is greatly needed, particularly for cats, rabbits and other small animals. There are still many homeless cats that have litters. The kittens need homes and medical attention and they all need to be neutered or spayed.

4Paws Animal Shelter, Inc. has obtained 501(c)3 charitable tax status and we are seeking tax-deductible contributions. Building a shelter is a long-term project requiring at least $500,000. We are currently investigating possible sites.

4Paws has members from Wrentham, Plainville, Norfolk and other towns in the area. All are welcome to join us in this effort.


The 4 PAWS ANIMAL SHELTER, INC., was formed in 2009 to raise funds to build and operate a local animal shelter. The cost of building a shelter has risen to about $1 million dollars over the years and it is clear that our goal can not be reached in the near future. We have decided to look at other ways that we can help pet owners now, while still continuing to work towards our goal to build a regional, no-kill shelter.

Along this line, we are proposing to assist people with food, vet bills, and other expenses so they can keep their animals. There are so many people who find it difficult to keep their pets, and it's very hard for them to find a no-kill shelter where they can surrender them. Town shelters do not accept surrenders and private shelters are hard pressed to make room for them. We want to give people the opportunity to keep their pets and keep space available in the shelters for animals that really need a place to go.

We will be contacting local veterinarians as well as public and private shelters to make them aware of our new outreach. This way they can contact us if they should know of someone who wants to keep their pet, but is finding it financially difficult to do so. We will evaluate each situation and provide whatever assistance we can to help them keep their pets and not have to surrender them.

We hope this interim step will alleviate some conditions that put pets in jeopardy of surrender.

Funds specifically raised for the building of a shelter will be held for that purpose so they will be available when that time comes.

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